Planet ocean

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We are making our last preparations to leave Panama after almost 10 months towards the Galapagos islands. Yesterday we checked out, which ment travelling 50 miles per dinghy through a huge mangrove system. After visiting the port captain we were told that immigration would come to our boat. They found us but wanted to do everything ashore – and we did not have to pay any additional money :-)

Three days we have been waiting for some fresh fruits and vegetables. The new veggie and fruit shop, which opened here a few weeks ago, did not have any fresh things and we really need some to do our crossing. So today we decided to call the owner and were able to order everything which will be delivered to our boat during the afternoon – hopefully!

In Galapagos everything is ready fo our arrival. We just checked again with our agent who organized the autografo which is valid for 8 weeks. Until now we have not met any other sailors who will sail to Galapagos due to the high prizes for check in and stuff. We will see how everything will work out and what we are allowed to do by ourself.

So let's go across the Pacific Ocean...


Goodbye Panama - hello Pacific Ocean!