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We arrived safely back to our Pakia tea after visting Austria to see family and friends. Since it was the first time we left her alone after the alterations we made last year, it was good to see that everything looked well. The Marina Senibong Cove lies east of the causeway to Singapore at the outskirts of Johor Bahru and was opened only this June. The site here is a brand new development area, which will host property houses and appartements, partly with their own jetty. For this the mangroves were cut down and new land was filled up. Whatever! At least the new owners will have a 'wonderful view' towards a shipyard in Singapore (plus the loud noise) and 'clear, clean' (dirty-brown plastic garbage-) water in front of their homes. We would not want to live there. And the wonderful 'fresh air'...
The Senibong Cove Marina has a really good security but one can only take a cab/taksi to get away. Other than that there is currently also no WiFi Internet, room for the sailors or washing machines. But this should all be available in a few weeks or months. Greg, the manager of the marina and his staff are nice and very helpful. We enjoyed our time here.
Unfortunately the rain in the area is very, very dirty. Which means that the boats look really grey after a few days. Also it doesn't make sense to clean before you leave because after the next rain everything is dirty again. We are looking forward to clean the boat once we are far away from this area, even if it will be very hard.
Tomorrow morning we are leaving for Langkawi, Malaysia, and will sail past Singapore and through the strait of Malacca for the last time - hopefully without any incidents like catching fishing nets or buoy's. The next few days should be dry weather and the wind should also be with us :-)
Senibong Cove Marina
thats how the rain looks like
last look at Senobong Cove Marina
good morning over the fishfarms