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Thanks to Verena - our friend who is living here, marine biologist at ecoislanders - and her husband Aboo we meet some Maldivian Friend of them on Dhangethi. This island is located in the southeast of Ari Atoll and wants to cater to tourists in the future. The first impression of the island is very positive and it's extremely clean, which is not normal here on the Maldives (except the resort islands). There are lots of small stores with souvenirs and food items. Very distinctive is the huge Banyan tree, which you can already see from far away. Nobody knows how old the tree really is, but at least a few hundred years..
There is a newly opened hotel on the island with rooms for a good rate which is also affordable for "normal" people. This is usually not the case because the resorts have rooms which are mostly very expensive (EUR 400.- upwards). The people of Dhangethi also plan to build some water bungallows in the future, which seem to be in demand with tourists. The dive base situated on the island organizes dives as well as boat trips to sandbanks and whaleshark watching tours. The people of Dhangehti are all very friendly and helpful.
We decide to do a dinner on the beach. Tables and chairs are carried to the beach, napkins are folded nicely, the table with the buffet bends with all the food dishes and as a highlight they have built two whalesharks out of sand for us. The food is delicious and we enjoy the atmosphere and the sunset on the beach. On the next day the ferry from Male' brings some fresh fruits and vegetables. We especially need some bananas and wait for the delivery to the shop. But this time they don't get any bananas, but fresh papayas, melons and eggs. As we are ready to leave the anchorage Saud, our contact in Dhangethi, calls us to let us know that he has saved us a bunch of bananas. Probably the only ones delivered. Thankful we pick them up from the jetty and are thrilled about the helpfulness.
On our way towards the south we will be sure to stop again at Dhangethi.

Welcome to Dhangethi
Beginning of the main street in Dhangeti
Trunk of the old Banyan tree
Dinner at the beach
The delicious buffet table in Dhangethi
Manta ray made out of sand
Finally some Whalesharks in the Sanctuary
View from Dhangethi Inn towards the beach dinner